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Whole Products
Minimun process

We work horticultural products in bulk transported and packed in plastic boxes properly disinfected, with the best conditions producing from the field to your tablet...

Our company develops chopped, cut, peeled and packaged products with the best conditions of safety, guaranteeing their flavor and color conditions, and ready to prepare their best dishes. We do traditional products to fix traditional Meat like soup (olla de carne), and others cuts of products for hash and fresh fruit pulp.

Products and services

Our company transports the product to our customers in properly conditioned vehicles and complying with the Central American Codex regulations, refrigerated containers facilitate the maintenance of the products until their final arrival.

We receive special orders for different companies, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, where they need bags with greater quantity of product, since the normal orders are of 750 grams, to 1.5 kilograms. Being able to supply the quantity of product in time and quality makes us proud.

Special Orders

Our horticultural products are based on good agricultural practices, fair business principles in conjunction with agricultural producers, and for the benefit of our environment.

We produce together with the farmers a great diversity of products, from sea levels to the mountains of Mount Chirripo and areas of Cartago; We believe in food sustainability and we fight for the benefit of our production.

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