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CANTONAL AGRICULTURAL CENTERS were created through the promulgation of Law No. 4521 of December 26, 1969, and its reforms (Law No. 7932 of October 28, 1999).

These are entities of public interest, which operate without profit. The Agricultural Centers are responsible, among other things, for promoting the participation of the local population in the planning and execution of programs aimed at the development of agriculture, in order to ensure the efficiency of farmers and the improvement of the social welfare of the community .

Regulation of the Law of Cantonal Agricultural Centers, Law No. 7932 of October 28, 1999 No. 30629-MTSS-MAG THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC THE MINISTER OF LABOR AND SOCIAL SECURITY AND THE MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK Considering:
1. That Law No. 7932 of October 28, 1999, which integrally amended Law 4521, "Establishment of Cantonal Agricultural Centers, Assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock", obliges the Executive Power to regulate it.
2 - That Law No. 7932 declared the constitution, existence and operation of the Agricultural Centers of public interest; As they are private entities that seek the development of the agricultural, agroforestry, fisheries and natural resources conservation sectors through a broad democratic participation of the affiliated producers and the local population. All of which contributes to the strengthening of the highest values ​​of the Costa Rican life system and being.
3 - That, considering the wide participation of the addressees of the regulations to be promulgated, in order to prepare the content of said Regulation, a bilateral commission was formed, composed of representatives of the National Confederation of Agricultural Centers and officials of the Ministry Of Work and Social Security; Which, after having held several working meetings and different activities for the exchange of opinions, suggestions and observations with the existing Federations of Agricultural Centers, as well as the National Directorate of Agricultural Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, concluded this work and made Delivery of the respective project.
Therefore, Decretan: The following, Regulation of the Law of Cantonal Agricultural Centers, Law No. 7932 of October 28, 1999 .................... download the complete document here...

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