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We know that it is necessary to go hand in hand with the technologies, that is why with the support of institutions such as INA, Tecnológico de Cartago, Universidad Nacional, UCR, CNP, MAG, INDER and private educational institutions as well as companies, we manage Opportunities for practical research, innovating or producing new products. This with the aim of supporting our agricultural and industrial production.

Investigation and development

Our farmers need to place their products in a secure market, which is permanent and guarantees fair prices, this is achieved in part with sales to the CNP and its Institutional Supply Program, however the organization is the one who leads the fair payment, applying discounts in The percentages of profit of the companies, to obtain that the producer leaves always well financially. On the other hand they are aided in the search of bank resources.

Support to the farmers
Non-traditional planting

Support for our producers goes from research to development, and it is here where plantations of products not rooted in the area represent a new challenge, you can get very good crops depending on the management of new crops, such as the mini Vegetables, sweet corn and biofortified tubers such as cassava and sweet potato. This support is grateful for the producer and our company, as it represents a product with a guaranteed sale.


Our organization is concerned with the use of new technologies, the use of disease resistant seeds, local research and the support of different university programs.
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